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  in Macao China, Macao SAR  sales   price   shop   near me   near me shop   factory   supplier Zykm1224 Automatic High Speed Four Colour Printer Die Cutter with Auto Glue and Bunding Machine manufacturer   best   Cost   Custom   Cheap   wholesaler

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sort unit ZYKM1224
Plate roller dia mm cent405
Plate roller duration mm 2400
Interior width of EPT mm 2500
max pace Ps/min one hundred eighty
financial pace Ps/min a hundred and twenty-a hundred and fifty
max printing measurement Mm 1200 times2400
max feeding paper dimensions Mm 1200 times2500
min feeding paper dimension Mm four hundred times750
board thickness Mm two/three-10mm
EPT body thickness Mm 6mm
topping precision Mm le plusmn:.75
die reducing precision Mm le plusmn:one.5
EPT Kw fifty six
Extermal dimension mm 320000*5500*2400

A, feeEPTdevice
1) The grasp control panel by the control buttons and contact EPT manage operation, handy and reliable.
two) skip feed (with counter).
three) set for counting of paper, demonstrating the generation variety.
4) The spot of still left and rigEPT bezel management of mechanical EPT by the ruler exhibit transferring length.
5) The front bezel to manually modify the gap.
6) 11KW wind turbine, suction feeding, the electrical inverter to change the air quantity, according to board bending distinct, so air flow adjustments to make sure easy paper.
7) The dust removal gadget and supporter brush the surface thoroughly clean cardboard scraps of paper.
eleven) sending paper up roll diameter #1092149 mm, thick-walled seamless metal pipe, wrapped in plastic wear stage, that is to maintain fleXiHu (West Lake) Dis.bility and make certain that the surface wear and lessen the squash into the board.
twelve)front feed unEPTthe roller diameter #1092159 mm, again feed unEPTdiameter #1092149 m, quenched and tempered seamless steel grinding the surface area of difficult chromium plated embossed and treatment method. Back again feed up roller diameter #1092100 mm.
13) The EPT utilizes two roller EPT Oldham Coupling, lowering put on and tear to make the EPT a lot more stable.
14) the use of electric sub-EPT in shape, with a continuous alarm warning lights the go to make sure the basic safety of operations.
15) shaft with electromagnetic friction clutch, to prevent malfunction or overload defense of the motor will not burn off.
16) feeder, printing office, the Office of reducing electric automated zero.
seventeen) Pneumatic EPT of gadgets.
B, printer unit
1, the print roller
1) The print variation of roller with thick outer #1092518 mm (incXiHu (West Lake) Dis.Hu (West Lake) Dis. plate thickness will be #1092530mm)
2) EPT of large top quality thick-walled seamless metal roll, floor conditioning, grinding, difficult chromium plating. harmony correction, sleek procedure.
three) hanging tube aXiHu (West Lake) Dis.s, facet lock, so hanging on the little bit correct, hassle-free and quick.
four) entire-groove peg board for hanging bar 10mm.
five) dealing with print, the foot change is hassle-free and fleXiHu (West Lake) Dis.ble electric powered manage reversing.
2, the embossing roller
1) embossing roller diameter #1092188mm.
two) thick-walled seamless metal pipe, floor grinding, tough chromium plating.
three) equilibrium correction, smooth operation.
4) Modify the hole taken roller to manually modify the framework, adjust the variety of -11mm
three, the transfer ink roller
two) thick-walled seamless steel surface after grinding the surface area of floor, pressed textured, tough chrome plating.
three) the very same community, even on the ink, printing plates and rubber roller to increase support daily life.
4) pneumatic feeding method with automatic lifting system (network printing and print exposure roll down, cease printing, anilox roller and plate separation increased).
5) The roller gap construction manually adjust the range of -11mm.
four, uniform ink rubber rollers
1) uniform ink rubber roller diameter #1092208.28 mm.
2) Higher high quality seamless metal pipe wrapped sturdy, corrosion resistant, put on-resistant rubber.
3) EPT large rubber roller grinding, diameter 1.6-one.8 mm, transfer ink effect.
four) rubber roller gap adjustment lock structure by hand, adjust the range of -eleven mm.
5, Phase adjustment
1) The planetary EPT framework.
2) printing stage EPTly managed by personal computer and electrical adjustment of 360 deg (operate, stop can be adjusted.) the precision is .15mm.
three) print roller bits utilised to adjust the frequency manage. Zero and the altered edition of rapidly, higher precision tune edition.
4) the use of electric mechanical horizontal adjustment phase, the control of plusmn 5 mm.
five) The EPT automobile-zero in every single group, the accuracy is0.5mm, and then automatically adjusts the stage, consider one, and then EPTr the quantity of fantastic-tuning, drastically decreasing the squander of cardboard
six, ink loop structure
1) pneumatic diaphragm pump for ink security, operation and servicing basic.
2) The ink filter, filter impurities.
seven, the printing period fixtures
one) Electromagnetic clutch brake type brake system, when the unit altering the period separation, the brake system boundaries EPTs to hold the authentic tooth situation of mounted details.
two) The perception of EPT EPT roller variety EPT utilizing cross slide to lessen wear and tear EPT much more steady

Sloter unit
double sloter

  1. EPT double slotter composition , elimination of collision amongst front and back instrument , processing of big size higher carton box (type 1224/1428)
  2. the slot knife thickness is 7-eight millimeter , which is from large high quality alloy , tooth profile in sharp reducing , large wearable
  3. the sloter knife with phasing and box heigEPT adjustment system . the frequency changer handle the dynamic 360 diploma adjustment
  4. precision linear slide way , correct lateral movement with sleek sloter
  5. reXiHu (West Lake) Dis.Hu (West Lake) Dis.ds the user`s need to have it can match the punch system
  6. pre-creaser , creaser , sloter knife holEPT, self-locking hole adjustment device
  7. EPT sort solitary slitting knife with glabrous slitting influence and EPT conserving

middle knife motorized relocating device , match for each and every generation

die lower unit
one, the die cutter roller (the roller)
1) die cutter roller diameter #1092405mm (excXiHu (West Lake) Dis.Hu (West Lake) Dis. die cutter)
two) Metal substance, floor grinding, hard chromium plating.
3) stability correction, boost the functioning security.
4) die cutter screw gap spacing 50 mm moments 62.6 mm.
5) for die cutter heigEPT 25.4mm.
2, pad roller (upper roller)
2) Metal EPT surface area grinding, chrome plating
three) stability correction, boost the functioning balance
4) to manually modify the gap with the reducing die.
five) The pad thickness eight mm (diameter of phi328 mm)
6) The mechanical lateral forty mm, swimming gadget
three, Period adjustment
one) The planetary EPT-type construction, with the printing division.
2) chopping to bits by PLC, contact EPT manage and electric adjustment of EPT 360 deg (operate, end can be adjusted.)
3) use PLC ,EPT management the lateral displacement , can change rigEPT and remaining 10mm.
four) EPT with the rubber roller amend gadget , can amend the roller, then the die cutter element can be utilized as new, it can amend 8 million to 10 million times, then it can save the EPT significantly.
five) knives die roller is come from casting steel, grinding area.
Knives die heigEPT 25.4mm
EPTen knives die 16-18 mm(three levels)
seventeen-15.three(5 layers)
6) rubber pad roller is from seamless metal pipe, grinding the experience and challenging chromium plating. It can be far more stable when operating, mechanical adjust fifty eight.8mm move gadget. It can proEPT the employing life.
seven) die knives adjustment adopt self lock device.
eight) rubber pad roller with Velocity difference compensation gadget, can
make certain after grinding the roller ,the speed is very same speed with
knives die roller, to make the measurement is exact same with prior to Fourth, the motor and EPT particulars

glue unit
the EPT manufactured of and theory
one. the EPT undertake very good metal weld and install .
2. the glue unit and sloter die lower fix and use . the EPT couplet of communications to the printer unit electric management . when the printer start off and operate , the glue device is commence and run .
4. auto provide the glue , the glue is circulated , in no way crack glue . do not require to incorporate the glue by guide . conserve time and worker
five. stainless metal glue wheel , corrosion resistance , use resistance . the glue is balanced , help save the glue . the EPT can preserve one/three glue than guide .
six.The folEPTunit have press wheel of modify , the push wheel make a folding the cartons a lot more effortlessly . the glue unit glue the carton is gorgeous and correct .
seven. the counter unit the carton stacker and examine . output the carton is security and smooth , precisely no mistake-totally free . variety handle . easy run .EPTr the variety do not end the EPT

bunding device

1, unctions and characteristic
automatic strapping EPT is mainly used in computerized strap following automatic stitching or computerized gluing, the EPT incEPTs turning, pat in get, pressurized strapping. Adopt PP strapping EPT, firm, no rebound, less injury in paper edge. The EPT procedure immediately finish, with out XiHu (West Lake) Dis.Hu (West Lake) Dis.n intervention, can conserve a whole lot of synthetic EPT. It really is initial option of EPT firms to minimize intake and boost profit, this sort of as printing EPT, paper goods factory.
two, Every unit primary feature:
(1) obtaining sheet turning unit
1. Efficiently EPT previous process cardboard conveying
two. Two-phase contact kind turning, flip cardboard 90 degcorner.
(2) Pat in orEPTunit
one,Can adjust in accordance to diverse specifications carton measurement.
two,Four instructions routinely pat in orEPTand positioning, and then express.
three,Pat can effectively remove the scissors.
(3)conveying device
Express carton easily right after tidying, boost function performance
(4) pressurized strapping device
1,Pneumatic pressure to compact several cardboard.
two,PP EPT automatic strapping, strap organization or elastic adjustable, paper edge injury is light-weight.
three,EPTally adapt to the cardboard measurement
4,Photoelectric detection strapping position
5,Strapping one ~ two way, makes use of the knob change.
6,EPTally express following strapping.
(five) Doing work process
Receive sheet turning– #8594pat in purchase– #8594convey– #8594 pressurized strap– #8594finish conveyin
3. Major feature:
A, Adapt to automatic strapping right after computerized stitching.
B, Lessen depend on manEPT, replace workers.
C, .Work is compact, no need XiHu (West Lake) Dis.Hu (West Lake) Dis.n intervention.
D,Carton bins soon after strapping are mouth tight and sound, no rebound, significantly less sticky box edge breakage, and so forth
E,Significantly less employees, larger pace, two ~ 4workers much less than regular strapping EPT, ten to twenty employees less than guide strapping.
F,Ideal for exported EPT, environmental EPT, these kinds of as beverages box, beer scenario, instantaneous noodles box, ceramic tile box, these large course EPT carton containers.

  in Macao China, Macao SAR  sales   price   shop   near me   near me shop   factory   supplier Zykm1224 Automatic High Speed Four Colour Printer Die Cutter with Auto Glue and Bunding Machine manufacturer   best   Cost   Custom   Cheap   wholesaler

  in Macao China, Macao SAR  sales   price   shop   near me   near me shop   factory   supplier Zykm1224 Automatic High Speed Four Colour Printer Die Cutter with Auto Glue and Bunding Machine manufacturer   best   Cost   Custom   Cheap   wholesaler